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Have you owned a purebred Bullmastiff previously?
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For what purpose are you wanting a Bullmastiff?
*/**/*** Please read the relevant sections below regarding the choice of purpose for your puppy.
If looking for a Pet puppy*, will you accept a limited registration and a neuter contract?
Are you hoping to breed your puppy in the future?
If looking for a puppy to show and/or breed, do you curretly own other show/breeding Bullmastiffs?
If yes, please give details of their pedigree (to assist with compatability)
Are you a member of a Canine Control Council?
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Why do you want to own a Bullmastiff?
What do you know about the Bullmastiff breed?
How did you hear about Memrabull Bullmastiffs?
*Pet Puppy Agreement - When buying a Pet puppy, it will be registered on a Limited Register with CCC(Q); you must
sign a desexing agreement to have this dog neutered between 10 to 12 months of age; upon submitting a copy of the
neutering certificate to the breeder within 30 days of the procedure, you will receive a $300 rebate.
View our
Purchase Agreement for Pet
**Show Puppy Agreement - This puppy will be registered in joint names with the Seller until the title of Australian
Champion has been awarded by the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC). When purchasing a Show Prospect
puppy, the dog will not be used for breeding until it has the title of Australian Champion, and when bred,
it will always be within the ANKC guidlines (which includes hip/elbow scoring before breeding).
Upon notification of attainment of Australian Champion before the age of 2 years old, and provided that a bitch has not
been bred before the age of 18 months or a dog before the age of 12 months, a rebate of $200 will be given.
View our
Purchase Agreement for Show
***Buyers who are Unsure as to whether they will show/breed their pup, will be required to enter into the same
agreement as a Pet Puppy buyer, and if at some stage decides to show their pup, the breeder will inspect the pup and
will decide as to whether it is suitable for showing/breeding, and if so, an application will be made to the CCC(Q) to
change the registration from Limited to General Registration (as per CCC(Q) Ruling # 86a) and the same agreement as
for Show Prospects will then come into place.
Have you read and understood the relevant Pet/Show/Unsure Agreements?
Have you read and understood our puppies are $2500 with rebates available and conditions involved?
Please feel free to ask us any questions
Thankyou for taking the time to tell us about yourselves.
Puppy Enquiry Form
Please fill in as much information as possible,
to help ensure that our puppies go to suitable homes,
and to also ensure our puppy buyers are happy with
their new Bullmastiff puppy.

The more information you can provide, the better.
We currently sell our pups for $2500 and all Memrabull puppies come with:

* CCC(Q) registration papers
* Complimentary 6 week pet insurance from PetPlan
* 1st vaccination & vet health check
* Microchip
* Fully wormed
* Hip Guarantee
* Bullmastiff information pack which contains photos of your puppy and dietary and general care information
* Cash rebates available
* Lifetime support & guidance for you and your puppy.

We strongly encourage all puppy buyers to take their puppy to obedience classes,
and if not wanting to exhibit and/or breed registered pups, to have them neutered at an early age.
We offer a cash back of $300 on proof of neutering between the ages of 10 to 12 months old,
and a cashback of $100 on proof of passing a registered basic obedience class
(providing the classes commenced between the ages of 5 and 8 months old and has passed before it is 12 months old).
For anyone wishing to exhibit their puppy and use him/her in their breeding program, please see below.
Please be sure to fully read below for the full terms of our rebates, etc.