Christmas Holidays
December 2006
Clowning Around
December 2005
Mark & Kerrie's wedding
December 2005
Makiho - 2005
Misaki - 2006
Yurie - 2007
Yuko - 2006
Susan in Japan, 2006......what a FANTASTIC trip!!
A big THANKYOU to all my 'families'!!
Tamami - 2007
Rido - 2007
Ken - 2007
Rhiannon's Formal
November 2007
December 2007 - January 2008
Rhiannon went on a short term mission trip with
Teen Missions Int. Aust for 6 weeks.
The main part of their work was to build a water
line to the Kamashi Orphanage in Ethiopia.
It was a lot of hard work, but she loved every
minute of her time in Ethiopia, especially with the
kids of the orphanage & the local village.
Jared fits in soooo well with our family!!!
December 2007
Short Term Mission Trips
In December 2008 & January 2009, our three kids - Josh, Rhiannon & Stephanie and Rhiannon's
boyfriend, Jared, went to different countries helping on various building projects with the
Teen Missions Int'l Australia group.
All up, they were away from home for 6 weeks including the first 12 days at Boot Camp
arriving there on the 13th December.
Then they all left to go to their different countries on Christmas day & Boxing Day, with much
excitement, and then, without as much excitement, they returned home 23rd January, 2009.
So they all have wonderful memories & stories to tell of their countries they went to &
the people they met.....& of course hundreds of photos as well!!
To see who Teen Missions are & what they do, go to their webpage using the link below
Jared (Green Shirt)
went to Samoa
Rhiannon (Red Shirt)
went to Nepal
Youth breakup
December 2008
Steph in Fiji
January 2009
Rhiannon in Nepal
January 2009
Josh in Mexico
January 2009
Gold Coast 'surfing'??!!  
February, 2010
Pro Surfers??
Nah.....don't give up your day jobs!
Picnic in the park
August, 2008
Youth 'formal' breakup
December, 2007
Tallship day cruise to Stradbroke Island
March, 2007
Richie & Amanda's wedding
Hamilton Island
February, 2007
Snorkelling at Hamilton Island
February 2007
Kahn, Rhiannon, Josh, Elli & Steph
Christmas Eve 2004
Steph & Millie (our newest member of the family)
July 31, 2010
Australian Champion Chinois Scandal
aka Millie
Our family - 1995
Meet our 'family' from Japan
David (China) - 2008
Shun - 2008
Ikumi - 2008
Yukimi - 2009
Our weird & wonderful Family
December 2010 - January 2011 saw Josh & Steph going on Short term mission trips to India & Thailand,
along with Jordan (Thailand), Nathaniel (PNG), Bec (Uganda) & Marcus (PNG) from Church, & Bagel (India)
and other teens from around Toowoomba.
Good on you all.....they had a great time!!
Steph's Formal
November 2011
Jared & Rhiannon's beautiful wedding
November 2011
Jared's & Rhiannon's Engagement Party
February 2011
The Girls' Schoolies/Hens Weekend
with that infamous celebratory bottle of wine!
November 2011
Family trip to Japan where we
all had a great time catching up
with many of our friends
November 2011
Yukie - 2012
Mizuki - 2012
Gold Coast weekend
October, 2007
November, 2008
Movie World
June 2003
October 2004
April 2004
March 2003
Movie World
January 2006
Warren's 3UP Ride
March 2006
The Oakey Show Champs
March 2006
Steph & cousin Zak's
Grade 7 Graduation
December 2006
Josh's Formal
November 2006
Bowenville Reserve
January 2005
Ada's wedding
February 2009
Over 30s defeats under 30s....Yay!
May 2009
Catch of the day
April 2009
April 2009
Queen Mary Falls
December 2009
Offshore fishing
November 2009
David's 50th party
October 2009
Yuiri - 2013
Yota - 2013
Qld Raceway
February, 2008
March, 2008
"Grub's up"
Backyard Campout
January 2012
Catching up with Makiho
Sunshine Coast
July 2012
Chilling at the park
July 2012
September 2012
Steph's 18th
September 2012
Girl's weekend
November 2012
Somerset Dam Camping
December 1999
NSW Road Trip
September 2002
Taronga Zoo                                                          The 'Lost City'                   Cockington Green
Meet our HelpX 'family'
Yi (Korea) - September 2013